This is Don's 1970 Corvette.  Purchased in December of 2005, this car has
undergone some major work.  The 350 engine that was in the car was not original.  
So that engine was removed.  While the engine was out, the frame was brought
down to bare metal and repainted with fresh satin black hi temp paint.  All
suspension parts were replaced new, tie rods, bushings, steering components, etc.  
Everything that could be replaced new was replaced, or reconditioned if necessary.  
The original matching #'s engine that came with the car was rebuilt by our machine
shop, Navas machine shop behind our Hayward location.  The engine was bored 30
over, using high compression 30 over pistons and moly rings, an RV cam, edelbrock
endurashine intake and edelbrock 4-barrel carb.  Chrome longtube header
sidepipes were added aswell.  The engine finally went back into the car after the
year and a 1/2 process to clean up the engine bay and suspension parts in July if
2007.  In the last year, Boyd Coddington wheels with BFG tires were added to give it
an even meaner look.  The interior has been completely redone, new dash, gauges,
carpets, console, trim, door activated lighted rear view mirror, new retro stereo with 6
disc cd changer and 6 speakers with bass addition coming soon.  The car is
scheduled to get a new paint job in the next year or so which will complete the car.  
Currently. there is over $30k invested in the car with countless hours of work
invested aswell.  There are no plans to sell the car, just to take pride in a well built
classic corvette hand built by Don.