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Our counter staff:

San Ramon:  

George Sisney is our lead counterman.  He has over 30
years in the automotive industry.  He started working with
his father at his fathers business in his mid 20's.  He
worked hard in the family business and eventually took over
the business when he was ready.  George joined our
company in October of 2002 and has been a true asset to
our company.

Tim Hoffman has just recently joined our staff in 2008.
Coming to us with over 27 years as a mechanic, he brings
with him the knowledge and skill needed to answer those
difficult questions that only someone having had that "hands
on" experience can answer.  He is learning our side of the
industry very quickly and has already surpassed all of our
exeptations in his first few months of working with our
company.  Tim has aspirations to work in the, soon to be
huge, solar energy field in the next 3-5 years and is currently
attending night classes to pursue that future goal.     

Don Roy began working with cars as a young child.  He
started in this industry at only 9 years old, thanks to the
quake of 89'.  The family bought their first auto parts store in
Mountain View 1 week before the earthquake in 89'.  
Everything fell over like dominos, and there was an oil slick
the entire size of the store.  His first job was spreading a
pallet of kitty litter around the store to soak up all the oil.  
From that day forward, hes never left the business.  At 10
years old, he was working the cash register and stocking
the shelves.  He moved up to being a counterman at 14
years old.  In dec. of 1997, the family sold the business to
its current owner.  In June of 1998, he and his father opened
up the Hayward store.  In January of 2003, Don purchased
Valley Automotive in San Ramon and in November of 2005,
purchased AD Automotive in South City.  The business has
grown to 3 locations with over 7 million on hand between
the 3 locations.  With almost 20 years of experience in this
business, Don is sure to provide you with quick,
knowledgable, and accurate service.  At only 28 years of
age, he is sure to be a life long asset to the automotive
industry.  Besides running the business, Don enjoys
building custom cars and rebuilding damaged vehicles.  To
check out some of his cars,
click here...